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FTMTA News 7th January 2016

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Revised Standards for Agricultural Vehicles

The revised vehicle standards published by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) during 2014 in relation to agricultural vehicles and impacting on a number of key road safety areas including Braking, Lighting & Visibility, Weights Dimensions & Coupling, and Plating & Speed Rating come into effect from January 1st, 2016.

RSA have advised that changes to the regulatory regime were required to reflect developments in agricultural vehicle technology and to comply with recognised vehicle standards in relation to certain critical road safety areas, i.e. braking, suspension systems, tyres and lighting as well as the weights for which the vehicles are designed. The Authority have further stated that the majority of correctly maintained tractors already in use will comply with the revised standards. Those that do not comply are likely to need only minor remedial works carried out such as fitment of a flashing amber beacon and/or a replacement manufacturer’s plate indicating their design axle weights and maximum permitted towable masses.

RSA have produced a series of short and clear videos outlining the revised standards for agricultural vehicles. The videos are available to view on the RSA’s YouTube page, and bring to life the content of the RSA’s booklet, ‘Revised Standards for Agricultural Vehicles’ which is available to download from the RSA website. The videos are an excellent starting place for anybody seeking to clarify the extent of the revised standards.
Denise Barry, RSA Director of Vehicle Standards and Enforcement said: “These videos will help to explain the revised standards clearly, outlining where the key changes are as well as what is now required in terms of compliance. RSA is keen to ensure that everyone working in the agricultural industry has access to clear information on how the revised standards will impact their vehicles and work. I encourage anyone working in this area to have a look at the videos which are available on the RSA’s YouTube page and get up to speed on what is required from 1 January 2016.”


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