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FTMTA Welcomes New Member – Kerry Mechanical Engineering Agri (KME)

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Kerry Mechanical Engineering (KME) based in Kilmorna, Listowel, Co Kerry was founded in 1997 by Fergus O’Keeffe to meet an increasing market demand for the provision of high-end steel fabrication and engineering. The company currently specialises in all areas of high-end steel fabrication and engineering and holds a strong emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.

In 2019, KME decided to branch into the agricultural side of the market and offer its own retrofit and umbilical dribble bar range with Con Daly coming on board as a business partner to progress the Agri side of the business. KME’s first Agri product was the dribble bar which comprised of three working widths of 7.5m (28 outlets), 9.6m (36 outlets) and 12, (twin macerator). The TAMS grant aid has been a big driver for KME AGRI in the market and the simplicity of the company’s machines has also given KME an edge.

Currently, KME AGRI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, low-emission slurry equipment. KME AGRI specialises in retrofitting existing tankers with new features and provides a range of low emission slurry equipment consisting of dribble bars and trailing shoes, various widths and configurations to suit all customers’ requirements.

Some of KME AGRI’s main product offerings include:

  • Contour+ Hybrid Trailing Shoe
  • Eco+ Trailing Shoe (7.5M)
  • Proglide+ Trailing Shoe (10M)
  • Verti-Cut Mini Macerator
  • Multicut-Easy 28/36 Macerator
  • DB-7500 Uni Dribble Bar
  • DB-9600 Uni Dribble Bar
  • 10/12M Uni Dribble Bar
  • HR 800 Hose Reeler
  • VT 2000/2500 LPG Slurry Tanker
  • Profi 2750 R Slurry Tank
  • Umbilical Pump System With Bauer Sx1000 Pump
  • Static Slurry Macerator & Stone Trap

KME AGRI currently supplies products to customers all over Ireland and the UK through the company’s expanding dealer net with the hope of expanding into other markets in the near future.

FTMTA extends a heartfelt welcome to KME Agri as a distinguished addition to its membership, for more information about KME Agri click here.

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