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Why Join?

Formed in 1913 the Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association has been representing it members interests for over 100 years. The FTMTA connects manufacturers, dealers and service providers and keeps them up to date on all the latest industry news and legislative changes.

Services the FTMTA Offer

The FTMTA mission is to promote the highest standard of professionalism in the farm machinery trade. We offer a wide range of services to our members for use at any time. With a membership you will have access to the following services of the FTMTA:

  • FTMTA HRM Toolkit — Access to human resource advice and problem resolution services 
  • FTMTA Order/ Invoice Books — These books contain order/invoice forms and purchase/ settlement forms for used items.
  • FTMTA Pro Dealer Credit Policy — A policy specifically created to address long-running issues of credit control and cash flow within the farm machinery industry
  • Conferences and Seminars — Tailored to issues within the farm machinery industry 
  • FTMTA Newsletter — All with relevant updates concerning industry-specific news, announcements, and legislative changes which may affect the farm machinery trade
  • FTMTA Hub — An online classified advertising facility for an easy way to manage your online advertisements 
  • FTMTA Training Facility — Discounted rates are available for members in the Farm Machinery Industry Training Centre purpose-built training facility 
  • FTMTA Farm Machienry Show — This show is on a biannual basis.
  • FTMTA Grass and Much Show — Ran on alternate years to the Farm Machienry show.
  • Industry-specific training courses

Benefits of Joining the FTMTA

By joining the FTMTA as a full member you will see a host of benefits ranging from supporting members with their business issues to finding industry-specific training courses. No matter what it is you need, the FTMTA is available to offer advice and guidance in confidence. Browse our range of benefits below: 

  • As the FTMTA is the recognised as a representative body for the Farm Machinery Industry, we can negotiate and consults with the government, farming organisations, and other bodies on members’ behalf and in the interests of the sector.
  • Full access to the FTMTA HRM Toolkit, for any issue you need advice on.
  • Full access to the FTMTA Industry-specific training courses 
  • Firms exhibiting at the FTMTA Farm Machinery Show and Grass & Muck get a substantial discount 
  • An FTMTA membership sign for display at their premises along with annual membership stickers for their premises or their vehicles
  • Work diaries, wall planners, and other FTMTA branded paraphernalia
  • Access to all the services the FTMTA offer
  • Use of  the FTMTA symbol of excellence on all classified advertisements and publications which creates a sense of trust when dealing with new customers

Who We Are

The FTMTA is the national trade body of the Irish Farm Machinery Industry. The Association has served the industry for over 100 years and includes manufacturers, importers/distributors and retail dealers in its membership.

Contact Information

Get in touch today, or simply fill in the below contact details and a member of the FTMTA team will be in touch shortly.


Unit 3, Road D, Tougher's Business Park, Newhall, Naas, Co. Kildare, W91 RK52, Ireland.

Phone Number:






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