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FTMTA News 14th July 2016

Tractor Registrations and Tractor Statistics

Tractor Registration Figures

The most recent figures issued by FTMTA in relation to the registration of new tractors cover the first six months of the year. A total of 1,335 tractors were registered during January to June which is an increase of some 5% on the same period of 2015. While June registrations were down 20% at 74 units, June is a quieter month for registrations than previously since the introduction of the split year for registration purposes (i.e. 161 and 162) which has seen much activity held over until July in the case of tractors as well as of cars. The new tractor market overall has performed well during the year to date, and probably better than expected, despite the challenges presented by poor agricultural prices and demonstrates the commitment of Irish agricultural to ongoing investment in efficient and productive farm mechanisation.

Cork, Tipperary and Galway were the counties with the highest levels of registrations during the first half of the year with 152, 108 and 95 units respectively. The trend towards higher horse power units continues with close to 48% of all units registered in the first six months having more than 120 hp and less than 12.25% having 100 hp or lower.



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