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FTMTA News 23rd June 2015

General FTMTA News

Foreign Exchange Partner

FTMTA have commenced a relationship with a foreign exchange broker to offer member firms of the Association a cost effective and secure method of sending or receiving foreign exchange. Founded in 1979, AFEX is one of the largest non-bank, private providers of global payment solutions and has a worldwide presence. AFEX provides commercial foreign exchange solutions including a range of global payment and risk management solutions such as Spot Transactions, Forward Contracts and delivery. The firm trades more than $15bn in foreign exchange each year.



In a time of volatility in foreign exchange markets, AFEX can offer more competitive rates and savings versus banks and other providers and can also offer tools to combat market volatility through hedging thus protecting FTMTA members against the threat of rate movements.

AFEX is fully regulated to operate in the Irish Market. Details for the dedicated contact person for FTMTA members to get more information of a rate comparison have been circulated to FTMTA member firms in recent days.


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