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Why "you" should join the FTMTA

Activities and Services of the FTMTA

The Association provides advice and support to members on a range of business issues. NO matter how big or small a member may think there specific issue or problem is the FTMTA are available to offer advice and guidance in confidence.

  • The Farm Tractor and Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) is the national trade body of the Irish Farm Machinery Industry. The Association has served the industry for over 100 years and includes manufacturers, importers / distributors and retail dealers in its membership.
  • The mission of the FTMTA is to promote the highest standard of professionalism in the farm machinery trade.
  • The Association is the recognised and representative body for the Farm Machinery Industry, which negotiates and consults with Government, farming organisations and other bodies in the interests of the sector.
  • FTMTA Order/Invoice books contain an Order/Invoice form together with a Purchase/Settlement voucher for used items
  • Through the FTMTA HRM Toolkit the Association can provide access to human resource issues advice.
  • The FTMTA Pro Dealer Credit Control Policy is specifically designed to address the long running issue of credit control and cash flow within the farm machinery industry.
  • FTMTA provides industry specific training courses.
  • The Association runs occasional conferences and seminars to address issues of relevance to the farm machinery industry.                          



  • The Association distributes regular updates to members, alerting and updating them with all industry specific news, announcements and legislative changes which may affect the farm machinery trade.
  • The FTMTA HUB is a unique online classified advertising facility for FTMTA members which provides an easy way of managing online advertising.
  • FTMTA members are permitted to use the FTMTA symbol of excellence on all classified advertisements and publications issued by said member firm. It has been noted by member firms that this creates a sense of trust and confidence when dealing with new customers.
  • FTMTA offers the purpose built training facilities of the Farm Machinery Industry Training Centre to members at attractive rates.
  • The Association organises the FTMTA Farm Machinery Show, run on a biennial basis, to which members get limited free ticket access.
  • The Association also organises FTMTA GRASS & MUCK, run on alternate years to the FTMTA Farm Machinery Show. Members also get limited free access to this event.
  • Member firms exhibiting at the FTMTA Farm Machinery Show and FTMTA Grass & Muck do so at a substantial discount to the non-member rate.
  • All members are provided with an FTMTA membership sign for display at their premises as well as annual membership stickers for display at the premises or on vehicles along with work diaires, wall planners and some other FTMTA branded paraphernalia.