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Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel

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Under the terms of Statutory Instrument number 156 of 2011, all diesel supplied for use in agricultural tractors since Mach 31st, 2011 must meet the standards that are generally described as being ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD). It is an offence for any other diesel to be supplied for agricultural use.

 The Association has been made aware in recent days that customers in many parts of the country are having difficulty obtaining the correct fuel and we will be raising this matter with the fuel suppliers and the Department of the Environment. Farmers and contractors should ensure that they are being supplied with the correct fuel and should make it clear to their suppliers that the fuel is required for agricultural use and that the supplier may be held liable for any issues arising from the supply of an incorrect fuel. The manufacturers of some models of tractors state that only ULSD is to be used in the machines and a failure to do so may invalidate warranties.

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