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FTMTA News 7th May 2015

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Farm Machinery Safety

It is that time of the year when silage making returns to the fore and there has already been a limited amount of activity around the country. As the season gathers momentum, it is to be hoped that this year will not add any further to the already extremely poor safety record of the agricultural workplace which is the most dangerous working environment by far in the country. Last year was unfortunately an exceptionally bad year in this regard with thirty farm accident deaths which was the highest such figure in over twenty years and, sadly, there have already been a number of fatalities during 2015.

FTMTA reiterates the calls made by it over the years for those involved in working with agricultural machinery to be conscious of, and proactive in relation to, the safety of themselves and others.  The Association calls on those active in agriculture and using agricultural machinery to be mindful of their safety and that of other people. Some small and practical steps can easily be taken to make the everyday use of farm machinery safer. Amongst other points:

  • Clearly understand what all controls do and how to use them before you operate a tractor or any machine
  • Make sure that the handbrake is working before you start any self propelled machine
  • Check that nobody around the machine is in danger before moving off and be aware of others at all times
  • Ensure that brakes and steering operate correctly

Machinery should only be used for the purpose for which it was designed and in the fashion for which it was built.



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