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FTMTA News 21st September 2017

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In addressing the recently held annual general meeting of the Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association, the FTMTA President, Graham McHugh stated that that the Association is putting a considerable effort into developing its membership to represent the industry as comprehensively as possible. This effort is bearing fruit with the addition of a significant number of new members in recent months. The FTMTA President detailed the work done by the Association in a number of areas in recent years with a view to supporting the business of its members and strengthening the trade as a whole. Much of this work goes largely unseen but can only be delivered by an effective and representative trade body.

Graham McHugh identified the pressures on the trade in relation to working capital and explained that the introduction of the upcoming FTMT Farm Machinery Trade Auction was a reaction to this as a service for FTMTA members only to provide a new mechanism for the reduction of levels of unsold inventory.  McHugh highlighted that the farm machinery industry overall, while subject to many external market forces, must concentrate on the factors which it can influence through a balanced approach to the sales, service and parts businesses in tandem with effective credit  and working capital management.

The President stressed the commitment of the leadership of the Association to making FTMTA more relevant to the wider membership on an ongoing basis and, in that regard, welcomed the addition of a growing number of new Executive Council members in recent years, all of whom bring their own experience and views to Council.

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