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FTMTA News 16th March 2017

General FTMTA News

Introduction of limited tractor testing

FTMTA note the intention of the RSA and Department of Transport to introduce a roadworthiness testing regime for T5 tractors (those tractors designed to travel at speeds in excess of 40 km/h) engaged mainly in commercial road haulage. It is the view of the Association that the number of tractors impacted by this move will be relatively small as most such machines are used primarily for agricultural (including forestry) work and will be exempt from the proposed test. FTMTA calls on the relevant state agencies to be clear in the language used to define the type of use and user requiring a test. FTMTA does not wish to see a situation whereby users mainly engaged in agricultural work, either on their own account as farmers or for hire as agricultural contractors, are included in a road testing regime which was never intended to apply to them.

It is important that sight not be lost of the fact that the scope of the proposed test is very limited in nature and will have no bearing on any tractor not designed to travel at over 40 km/h which means that the vast majority of tractors on Irish farms will not be subject to testing. In addition, any tractor capable of speeds over 40 km/h but used primarily for agricultural work, whether by a farmer or contractor, will not be included in the testing program.

Introduction of TAMS Tillage Scheme

FTMTA has welcomed the introduction of the long awaited TAMS II Tillage Scheme, the Tillage Capital Investment Scheme. It is to be hoped that the grant process runs in a smooth fashion to support purchase decisions to facilitate investment by tillage farmers .

The stated objectives of the scheme are to facilitate the tillage sector to develop a targeted and precise approach focusing on environmental dividends, efficiency and growth

while improving competitiveness and contributing to the improvement of agricultural incomes. The investments eligible for grant aid under the scheme seem well positioned to deliver on those objectives with a focus on the new technologies available to tillage farmers.

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